Textured Pvc Coated Frozen Food Glove

Style Number: KT/GLFREZ

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Tackle those tough freezer tasks with these PVC coated freezer gloves! With an interior liner consisting of soft jersey fabric and .55 mil thick foam lining, these gloves provide superior insulation to help your employees maintain feeling in their fingers as they work in cold conditions. The outside of the gloves features a durable, PVC-dipped (polyvinyl chloride) coating, which offers valuable protection against a variety of potential hazards, including both cold and heat resistance in temperatures ranging from 25-150 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to temperature resistance, these gloves also provide excellent protection against alcohols, acids, ketones, detergents, and harmful greases, making them great for a variety of cleaning tasks or lab work.

These multi-layered gloves are connected with an interlocking fabric to maintain comfort and flexibility, while the 2 1/2" safety cuffs add wrist protection to help prevent dry, itchy skin that can slow workflow and cause discomfort for your employees. They are rated level 3 for abrasion and level 1 for tears, blade cuts, and punctures.

Overall Dimensions: Length: 10 5/8"