I-cup Drug Screening

$136.90 Case
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Alleviate adulteration and tampering concerns by upgrading to the iCup device. The iCup® Drug Screening Device simplifies the urine collection process while providing fast and reliable test results. Numerous devices are available, covering up to 10 common drugs of abuse. Adulteration test strips also available. Provides instant test results for a wide range of illicit drugs. The self-contained cup is ideal for sending presumptive positive specimens to the lab for confirmation.

Amphetamine 1
Barbiturates 2
Benzodiazepines 3
Buprenorphine 4
Cocaine 5
K2/Spice 6
Marijuana 7
 Methadone 8
 Methamphetamine 9
 Opiates 10
 Alcohol 11
 Phencyclidine 12
 Tricyclic Antidepressants 13
 Ecstasy 14
Oxycodone 15
Propoxyphene 16
Morphine 17

Minimum 12-month shelf life.