Custom Cell Window Cover

Style Number: WINCOVER

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Cell windows allow inmates that are locked in their cell to observe officers performing their daily duty as well as other inmates outside their cell. This often causes outrageous and violent behavior from inmates that are locked in their cells. These outbursts are preventable. Charm-Tex, with the advice from correctional staff, offers you a solution that will obstruct the view of inmates inside the cell, yet allow you an effortless way to monitor inmates actions. It also allows the window cover to be affixed and removed depending on your needs at any given time making it ideal for inmates on suicide watch.

  • Exclusive Design – you won’t find a product like this anywhere else.
  • No Security Issues - Allows for quick and efficient security checks.
  • Tamper Proof - Cell window cover is installed with magnets to the outside of the cell – to prevent inmate tampering.
  • Strong Magnets - 3 extremely strong magnets are sewn into the top hem and two more sewn into bottom hem.
  • Easy Up, Easy Down – Can be easily affixed on a cell window and then just as easily removed when not needed, or if needed on a different cell door.
  • Long Lasting Wear - Crafted from heavyweight durable twill fabric, for long lasting use.
  • Custom Made Means Proper Fit – Each cell window cover is custom made for your door and your window – to assure proper fit and to meet your requirements.
  • Color - Spruce Green