Bulk Truck With Lockable Roof

$589.90 Each
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This linen truck offers superior strength, durability and security. Features  an optional lockable, rotationally molded roof and frontal cover. They close tightly to deter and prevent casual theft. Its ergonomic cutaway design speeds loading and unloading. The durable lid closure allows you to secure goods during transport as well as a lockable linen storage. Rugged polyethylene construction resists bumps, scratches and scrapes, waterproof body thrives in punishing indoor/outdoor conditions. Durable powder coated welded steel base. 6” rubber casters with thread guards. Features hand holes and drain holes. Swivel at four corners.

Overall Dimension: 28.5" W x 47" L x 66.5" H 

Bushel: 38

2 - 3 week Delivery