Spit Sock Hood

Style Number: RST/SPITSOCK

$44.90 Dozen
Sale: $0.00

Size: 18" x 18"

Stop spitters with the Spit Sock Hood. It is very safe and easy to apply. Slips over the head easily and is held in place with elastic that is secure, but will not choke the prisoner. Reduce the risk of communicable diseases from spitting and biting with the Spit Sock hood. Designed for use by those under arrest or in custody, the Spit Sock breathable barrier prevents persons from transferring body fluid by spitting.

•    Used by both law enforcement & correctional officers
•    Duty of Care procedure for LEA
•    Helps provide anonymity from media and public
•    Prevents transfer of disease by body fluid
•    Individually packaged in quantities of 1 dozen.

One size fits all.