Rhino Tray Delivery Cart

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The Rhino Cart is a highly durable, one-piece plastic transport cart made for meal delivery in corrections.

The M-Series Rhino Carts are designed to efficiently carry the Marathon or Gorilla Trays, or any tray that is 14” to 14-½” x 9-½ to 11-½”.

FDA approved, high impact polyethylene body is fully insulated for strength and rigidity. Lockable maxi latch which prevents the door from opening during transport and a door seal that keeps air from entering the cabinet and promotes exceptional temperature control. Narrow 29-¾" width allows the cart to pass easily through a narrow 30" doorway and rubber bumpers on all four corners protect walls and door jambs

Doors swing 263° allowing full access to interior cavity. Smooth interior is easy to clean and one[1]piece design means no seams to hold dirt. The interior features coved corners that meets NSE guidelines. Plus, it has two interior floor drains to facilitate easier cleaning.

Small (KT/M102)

Standard (KT/M150)