Premium Woven Wool Blankets

$13.18 Each
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The correctional industry’s most popular choice – our grey loom woven wool blanket provides a unique combination of strength, convenience, warmth and safety all in one cozy blanket! Features a seamless construction and whipstitched on all four sides for superior durability. Its soft comfortable wool surface is sure to keep the warmth in and the complaints of itching, scratching, and allergic reactions out! Fire resistant! Machine wash and dry.

  • Most Popular: The Premium Woven Wool Blanket is by far and away the most commonly used blanket in the prison system, because it is safe, long lasting, practical and affordable.
  • Soft Finish: Unlike many institutional wool blankets that have a rough rugged finish, our wool blankets are crafted with a soft finish, for superior comfort.
  • Safe and Fire Resistant: Meets the flammability test ASTM D 4151 – Standard Test Method for Flammability of Blankets, making these blankets extremely safe for in cell use by inmates.
  • Whipstitched All Around: Whipstitched on all four sides to prevent unraveling, these seamless blankets will withstand hundreds of washing and drying cycles while retaining its shape.
  • Durable and Warm: Strong like steel, nothing will outlast our premium woven wool blankets. Blankets are extremely warm and will keep you snug in the coldest temperatures.
  • Easy Care: Easy care, machine wash and dry. Will withstand hundreds of repeated washing and drying cycles.
  • Hides Obvious Stains: Its dark color helps hide obvious stains, eliminating returns to the laundry department for rewashing.

Color: Grey