Plexiglass Sneeze Guard

$63.90 Each
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Clear, protective plexiglass shields designed as a protective barrier against airborne particles. Select from multiple sizes, designs, freestanding or mobile. Perfect for all the unique locations your facility needs. We have three options in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

  • Hanging Sneeze Guard - with four holes for mounting(two on top and two on bottom). It can be hung from ceilings or mounted using standard tools in order to cover areas that cannot accommodate standard sneeze guards.
  • Free Standing Sneeze Guard - desktop sneeze guard, also known as portable sneeze guard, can be used virtually anywhere. It comes with a built-in pass-through slot at the bottom to allow documents through.
  • Three Sided Table Top Sneeze Guard - the most versatile guard sits upright on desktop or countertop with each side adding stability. Center window slot allows pass-through access from both sides of the barrier. 
Mounting equipment not included.