Fuze Sealed Seam Poly Mattress

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Cover is crafted from thermal polyurethane coated nylon fabric for added durability.

100% sealed seams- uses radio frequency to close seams.

Sealed seams prevent lice, bedbugs, or liquids from penetrating the mattress.

Stitched line down inside the seam for added durability.

No thread to break or tamper with.

12 oz. core.

Exclusive proprietary blend of densified poly fiber.

Strong 5” densified polyester core compressed to a 4” finished height.

Tear resistant - seam strength excess of 67 lbs.

Anti fungal & anti-bacterial.

Certified fire resistant.

Available with integrated double sided pillow.



 Only Use Our Disinfectant SENTINAL II To Clean Mattresses *Harsh Chemicals & Bleach Can Cause Cover To Crack

Meets Or Exceeds The Following Flammability Tests:

  • California Technical Bulletin 129
  • California Technical Bulletin 117
  • California Technical Bulletin 121
  • 16 CFR Part 1632 Test
  • ASTM 1590 E
  • 16 CFR Part 1633 Test