Aqua Chempacs


Aqua ChemPacs offers 100% dissolvable liquid cleaning chemical packets.  This allows your janitorial sanitation team to save time, cut waste, and improve the overall efficiency of your cleaning operation.  Our dissolving Aqua ChemPacs will absolutely have an impact on your bottom line.  

These cleaning solutions are engineered to be environmentally friendly, safe, and easy to use for nearly every cleaning application. Simply drop Aqua ChemPacs into spray bottles, mop buckets, floor and carpet care machines or even washing machines and let it do its thing. 

  • EASY TO USE – Because they’re dissolvable, simply drop a packet into your spray bottle, or mop bucket and fill with water. It does the rest. No tearing, spilling or pouring. Just drop and pop.
  • SAVE MONEY – When pouring concentrated cleaning agents into mop bucket or laundry detergent into washing machines, inmates or even staff tend to over-pour and overuse. This is simply throwing money into the garbage. With budgets being slashed and money being tight, every penny counts – and by using Aqua ChemPacs you will be certain that you are only using what you need.
  • INVENTORY CONTROL – Simply hand a mop bucket and one Aqua ChemPacs to the person cleaning, and off they go. It allows you to control your inventory to a tee – you’ll always know what you have and how many washes or loads you have left. We take the guess work out! 
  • SAVE SPACE – Jails often have limited storage – and with these small portions sizes pre-measured packs, it will take up 5% of your storage, leaving you plenty of space in your warehouse.
  • GO GREEN – Help save the environment, with these green certified cleaning agents. 

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