Durable Prison Blanket

$95.90 Case
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This blanket is safe, durable and most of all affordable. Made with a combination of poly/acrylic/cotton brushed to a soft, fluffy finish, these fire resistant blankets feature a strong durable heavyweight construction that will save you money. Machine washable & dryable.

  • Soft & Comfortable: Features a brushed finish on both sides offering a soft, plush and comfortable feel.
  • Wool Free – Allergy Free: With its unique fabric content, complaints of allergies to wool will all but disappear.
  • Safe and Fire Resistant: Meets the flammability test ASTM D 4151 – Standard Test Method for Flammability of Blankets, making these blankets extremely safe for in cell use by inmates.
  • Durable Long Lasting: Strong seamless construction with stitching on all four sides to prevent unraveling and helps retain its shape even through multiple washings.
  • Sharp Look: Grey blankets features an eye catching blue stripe box design to enhance the appearance of your facility’s sleeping quarters.
  • Affordable: Our low price is designed to save you money and stretch each and every budget dollar to the max.
  • Heavyweight & Warm: Each blanket weighs 4.75 lbs, providing a warm cozy feel even in the dead of winter.
  • Case Packed: To keep the price low, we’re offering these blankets in case packed quantities only, thereby eliminating the high costs of repacking – helping us help you.
  • Easy Care: Easy care, machine wash and dry. Will withstand hundreds of repeated washing and drying cycles.
  • Hides Obvious Stains: Its dark color helps hide obvious stains, eliminating returns to the laundry department for rewashing.
  • Content: 55%  Polyester, 30%  Acrylic, 10%  Cotton, 5%  Other Fibers.

Color: Grey with Blue Striping