Evi-dry Bag

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The Evi-Dry Bag is specifically designed to provide a breathable bag during the removal of moisture from any clothing or other evidence of organic material. The bag provides a shield from contaminants during the time it takes to thoroughly dry prior to laboratory testing. The Evi-Dry Bag can be sealed for prevention of evidence tampering.

  • Sewn with an upper portion of tyvek material that allows the bag to be sealed.
  • The Evi-Dry Bag is constructed of a non-woven polyester cloth.
  • All seams tightly sewn to retain even the smallest particles.
  • Bags are packaged in quantities of 1 dozen.


  • 9" X 12"
  • 15" X 18"
  • 24" X 24"
  • 30" X 36"

All orders are per dozen, made to order, with a 2-week minimum.